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Learn TO GO with THE Flow

Life is mobile.  It flows like water in a stream, non-stop.  Time flies as if it has wings.  Time and tide wait for no one.  A fallen leaf can never be placed on the branch where it was born.  A good example is human life. Your childhood never returns, youth never returns.  If something remains, these are all just memories of the past – sweet or sour.  An old man will sit alone and relive past memories. 

He might think of how the cravings and desires of the bygone days have ended, one by one.  
When desire ends, the elderly are left to themselves. Children are never left alone.  But nobody will be interested in sitting near the aged.  If a child calls somebody once, the whole family runs to see what he wants.  They shower love and affection on him.  The same feelings of care and love are not shown toward the elderly from whom these youngsters received love and care when they were helpless kids. 

Most elders tend to bring sorrow upon themselves by ruminating over injuries caused by their own flesh and blood. They completely forget that all these ups and downs are what make life. Times will change, the condition of the body  will change, but in our point of view, our son who is about forty years or more  is still the same innocent boy we knew before. Is he still a tiny tot?  Now that child of ours has become a father himself.  Why try to halt the flow of time? It is better to go with the flow.

Many memories are best forgotten.  By remembering them and living in the past is like nurturing a disease.  Always remember the good times. Even small things which were not available in those days are in plenty now.  And we have to learn about them from our children and grandchildren.  Even the world which we made seems new and strange to us.  In such times, how can we expect to be given the same attention as in the past?  It is like a day dream.  We should not expect too much.  The past is gone forever.  The present bypasses the past and the future becomes progress.  So why sulk and feel depressed?  Better join the game and play sportively.

Try to give away all rights and authorities to the next generation before they claim and snatch your power.  Keep some part of the wealth for your old age.  
People used to shout ‘jai ho’ -- victory to you -- when you were elected as leader.  But today perhaps no one recognises you or even greets you. So don’t give away all your assets; after you are stripped of money, authority or wealth it is likely that you will be neglected. 

Rise above the mundane world.  Help the needy.  Do something really good.   But you take care of yourself also.  This means, you increase your power of tolerance, learn to respond also when you have to. Oppose injustice.  Notice the fast track of life and keep pace, as much as you can.  Similarly you understand the present position in which you are living.  At the same time, don’t hesitate to make changes in your lifestyle, updating yourself along with the times, changing priorities and situations.  If the time comes for the new generation to take charge, don’t delay to give them their place.  Place your trust in God. 
You will experience blossoming within. 

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